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School Nurse

Your child's health is an important part of his or her education. Healthy children are better equipped to learn. Did you know that a resource exists at your child's school that provides basic health services to keep your child from missing school? The school nurse is there to provide first aid, administer medications, and provide health education information and programs.

The school nurse is not intended to replace the child's health care provider. If you need to contact the school nurse, please call Ashley Baumgardner: (859) 431-7242 ext 5204 or forms can be faxed to: (859) 655-7536.  You can also email her at 

1. NO medications of any sort can be given without a doctor's order!!! Please DO NOT send medication to school without a doctor's order.
2. All medications, whether prescribed or over the counter, must come in the original container, complete with the label attached.
3. If your child is going on a field trip and needs to take must get a duplicate bottle from your pharmacy and place the appropriate medications and amounts in that bottle. The school nurse CANNOT take medications out of bottles already at school and send it on the day of the field trip




Forms: Click these forms to open in pdf format

HealthPoint Enrollment

Eye Exam

Immunization Form

KHSAA 5-8 Physical Form

KHSAA 9-12 Physical Form

Medical Exemption Certificate

Preventative Health Care Exam K-4

Preventative Health Care Exam 6-12