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Parent Teacher Organization

Welcome to Ludlow's PTO Page!  Stay connected to your child's school by getting involved with PTO activities!  PTO is always looking for volunteers.

PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. The Ludlow PTO is a nonprofit group comprised of parents, teachers, and staff dedicated to improving the educational experience of all students at Ludlow Schools. Our goals are to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support, and work with teachers, staff, and the community at large to improve our children’s educational experience. The PTO works closely with the school administration to meet this goal.

You can reach all of us at:

Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month  at 4:30pm in the Ludlow Paw'fe (cafeteria).  The remaining dates for 2022-23 include April 4 and May 2.



Upcoming Events:
Penny War runs March 27-31
May Festival runs May 5-6

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Find us at LudlowPTO on Facebook

Our Board:

President:  Angie Cook   

Vice-President:  Kamryn Reed    

Treasurer:  Kelly Hammel     

Secretary:  Casey Williams 

4 women in Ludlow PTO Squad black and red shirts

Meet the Ludlow PTO officers, Angie Cook, Kelly Hammel, Kamryn Reed and Casey Williams

Want to help?

  • Donate your time: 
  • Attend a meeting
  • Volunteer at event
  • Donate Funds/ Items

How to Support us:

  • Checks made out to LUDLOW PTO
  • Cash $
  • Amazon Smile

Each item will say if it is eligible for donation. This is a HUGE opportunity for major funds, especially with holidays coming!

  • Ludlow PTO's Venmo Account:

Ludlow Schools “OPT OUT” fundraiser

Don’t want to sell anything, bake anything, buy anything and want to avoid fundraising of any kind? We feel the same way!!!

This year you can “opt out” of direct fundraising by making a donation that will directly help the PTO serve Ludlow Schools!!

$ ____ I love this school and want to help ($5-$10)

$ ____ You can still email me at _________________________ ($15)

$ ____ We are so busy, here is our donation ($25)

$ _____ Forget my face and name ($50+)

Parent/Guardian Name: 

Student’s Name: 

Make Checks Payable to:

 Ludlow PTO